Architectural Graphics can provide brochures for handouts, mailings, and a variety of other purposes. We can handle not only the production of graphic materials but also design, layout, and printing arrangements as well. We don't print in-house, but deal with a number of printers to ensure that you will get the best quality for the lowest price.

If you have a printer you like, especially if you are not in the Chicagoland area, we can work directly with him or her and provide your graphics in whatever file format, separations, etc, your printer prefers.

Often, a brochure will be printed on an 11 by 17 stock and folded in half.

While four-color printing (full color) is really quite affordable, many of our clients still prefer fewer colors- not only because it is less expensive but because they prefer the classic look of black and white renderings.

There are an extremely large number of tone, color, and texture combinations available. Don't assume that what you want is too difficult or expensive. Simply tell us the look or effect you would like, and let us figure out how it can be done. It is always good to remember that the price per sheet goes down as the number of sheets increases. Often, a large order costs only a little more than a small one.

In addition to renderings, most brochures contain floor plans and feature sheets. Prospective homebuyers often appreciate seeing things like a small version of a selector map, a map of the surrounding area, and even a photograph of some attractive local feature.