Architectural Graphics can provide a wide variety of materials for sales displays as shown on the right.

Renderings and floor plans can be printed on several kinds of paper and plastic for framing or mounting in display cases. When printed on translucent paper, or even transparent plastic film, they can be backlighted. They can even be printed on several kinds of cloth for dramatic wall hangings and table skirts.

If you desire, we can arrange the entire display area.
We also provide maps. Selector maps, showing the available lots in a subdivision can be wall mounted, placed on an easle, or set into a recess in a plat table. Architectural Graphics has produced selector maps showing from as few as three lots to several thousand.

Regular maps, accurately showing your clients how to find your properties, can have callouts, lables and symbols indicating the location of libraries, shopping centers and train stations. It is also useful to show recreational amenities, such as golf courses, parklands, rivers, and bike paths. If they are going to be used on the Internet, we can provide them with slices, rollovers, area maps, and any other graphic elements you may need.

Selector maps can be produced from electronic engineering files, landscape plans, printed plats, or anything else you may have.

Also: we provide signs for teardown/ replacement home projects. These are only a few of the many styles that advertise the new home to prospective buyers and preview this important addition to the neighborhood. In addition, these signs can reduce the apprehension that sometimes accompanies the modernization of the housing stock.