Floorplans are usually provided at 1/8" scale, and changes may be made as often as needed. This service is especially important for custom home builders, who may wish to offer a prospective buyer a choice of floorplans showing specific features the buyer has requested.

Traditional Floorplans

Floorplans may show the house alone, or they may contain details of the site plan and landscaping. Modifications may be made at any time, right up to the last minute. Minor modificatons will be done at no additional charge.

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For additional impact, your floor plans may be drawn in color or may be shown with furnishings. In this example, light has been used to create a Designer floor plan.

More Colored Floor Plans

Three Dimensional Floorplans

Another type of floorplan, which is less commonly used, is the true three dimensional floorplan, or "cutaway."

These are more expensive to produce, more time-consuming to modify, and must be viewed from an angle. However, they provide a unique perspective that many buyers find easier to understand.

They also can display special features of the house that a traditional floorplan cannot show. Follow this link to see an example of how this technique was used for a house in Sedona Arizona.

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Cutaway plans also may be used to illustrate special features and construction details. This drawing shows features that were designed to save energy, reducing the monthly expense of water, electricity, and natural gas. As the move toward green, environmentally responsible, building increases, it is sometimes difficult to explain how an energy-saving house that uses low volatility materials and recycled products differs from those that are conventionally built. This kind of drawing can help.

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