Although Architectural Graphics can provide color renderings in pencil, marker, acrylics, and watercolor, most builders now prefer to receive their renderings in electronic form. We support all formats and all resolutions, and can arrange for the rendering to be printed upon anything from a tablecloth to large sheets of weatherproof plastic.
Our black and white renderings can be greatly reduced, for magazine or newspaper advertising, without losing detail. In addition to traditionally mounted or framed works, we also provide things like color transparencies, color brochures, and even promotional items such as coffee cups and t-shirts.

Of course, we can also match any style, including work you may have had done by another delineator, and can use your landscape plan as it would appear during any season of the year. To emphasize special features, such as ponds or rivers, or to preview teardown/ replacement projects, we will be happy to show the home on an actual piece of property.

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